Hunter Creek,Rees Valley

  • Hi All Just after some info on this area and was hoping one or maybe a few of you could share your knowledge. I am planning to head up this way for a hunt and a look around and was wondering if anyone could comment on the rock biv mentioned in the Moirs Guide on The Clarke Spur. Basically just wondering how easy it is to find and can it be relied on for comfortable accomdation? I was also thinking about having a squizz up Kea basin and again wondering if the 1st Rock Biv is a better place to stay than Earnslaw hut.I think I read somewhere that there is no water source at the hut so you would have to walk up to the basin anyway. Cheers
  • Can't help you with Hunter Creek. The Earnslaw Hut has water unless things are really dry. It still had a trickle at the end of that big long 6-7 month drought earlier this year. In the small gully 30m north past the hut from a crystal clear pool at the base of a 5m waterfall. That said, the hut bunks are uneven with no mattresses and so the only comfy option is your sleeping mat on the floor. The 1st rock biv in Kea Basin has better views and a good sand pad for pitching a tent under the overhang. There's a small stream nearby and the main ?Lennox? creek 150m away. Not sure it's protected enough for sleeping under without a tent - couldn't tell as it was full of tents when I passed!
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  • I've been up Hunter Creek to the basin thats up there and its a lovely hanging valley - I dont think the approach was that hard but I did it many years ago. Its well worth the trip up there for sure.
  • Cheers for the Info guys. I have just returned from my trip. I ended up walking up to Shelter Rock hut for the first night and there was a heap of snow around ,I felt the sun for 10 whole mins that day. Next day walked up to Earnslaw Hut and stayed here the night and what a Beaut wee hut that is however the Hessian Bunk was probably up there with the most uncomfortable sleep I have ever had so yes I would also advise a sleeping mat. Checked out the Rock Biv but Knee/waist deep snow made travel off the track very difficult. Only spotted 3 chammy on the otherside of Lennox creek. Made my way out the next day armed with photos and memories of some country I had wanted to see for a while. Having the fire cranking in Earnslaw hut made for a very memorable setting and was definately the highlight of the trip.
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