Arc teryx Rain jacket

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  • Supposedly gore tex pro is more abrasion/puncture resistant so might be more suited to bush-bashing. It is, however, less breathable. Whether it's abrasion resistant _enough_ for NZ scrub is something I'd highly doubt.
  • gore tex pro is the membrane, it can be bonded to a nylon face fabric of a range of deniers, depends on the denier its bonded to, usually between 40 and 70 , 40 being a mid range weight of fabric. 70 is getting pretty durable. 40 isnt that great, but its far from a lightweight material since some fabrics can go down to 15 denier.. also depends how hard the nylon is made......
  • I have to rectify my self MATERIALS: Main Body: N40r-X GORE-TEX® Pro 3L Shoulders, Arms & Hips: N80p-X GORE-TEX® Pro 3L Looks on their website is one the more reviewed rain soon I got it I'll let you know guys.
  • @madporn which rain jacket you use usually ?
  • Earth sea sky hydrophobia. Had one from work and seemed ok so bought myself one. Ok. Best I've owned for breathables. Lightweight/compact enough to take everywhere just in case. But solid enough on an exposed ridgeline in 100k winds. Like ut because it's less breathable and more waterproof than the European made lightweight goretex I've had in the 90s-00s which erred too far towards breathability and away from waterproofness. None of those remained wayerproof at over 50mph (90kph) on a motorbike - which the Hydrophobia does. Cronwell to Picton in constant rain only started getting damp areas around Ashburton and then only on my lap where water was pooling. I went back to non-breathables (Tornado) for a decade or so when I first moved to NZ as the goretex at the time was so ineffective pushing through wet bush or with air pressure on it on the 2 wheeler. The only EU made (Berghaus) coat I tried returning as defective had micropunctures from scrub and thus was not covered by warranty. Only other thing I tried recently was Swazi Thar. A beautiful comfortable coat to wear. Unbeatable as a solid windbreak on the tops. But weighed probably 5-6 kg when the 'silent' outer layer got wet. And took days to dry. But there are dozens of brands out there & I've only tried 4 so feel free to take account to my experiences of those but get advice elsewhere on all the others.
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  • I seem to get wet when it's raining lol. I have a macpac jacket, can't remember it's name but I've had it for a fair few years and it works well for me, regardless of my first comment haha. My core stays dry, it breaths well for me. I prefer rain jackets as a wind break primarily and then for keeping water from my core, head and back. My legs get wet and cold, boots and socks get soaked, hands wet, rain runs back down my arms. Face is wet. Screw it that's rain. I just try to avoid rain, fair weather tramper. As far as breath ability goes. I find a long sleeve merino undershirt under my jacket seems to keep me warm and dry and condensation doesn't create too much of a problem, keep bare skin from touching the jacket, and have a breathable wicking undershirt. Other than that grin and bare it till you make it to the car or hut. If a tent awaits you lay miserable in your pit wondering why you do this.
  • I have had Berghaus goretex prolite for about 6 years now. It has done just about everything. I originally bought it because it is a bit longer than most others. Probably not the most scientific method for purchasing a rain jacket. It has served me well. The extra length means that water running down between my pack and my back tends to drip off due to the little extra length and not soak the back of my shorts as much as previous jackets have. Like everything else i have ever used if it rains real hard I will get wet anyway, nothing is 100% waterproof and if it is you will be soaked with sweat anyway. Breathability wise, I adopt the same set up as Gaiters above. If you are out in bad weather make sure you will be warm even if wet, that"s more important in my view.
  • I second Guiseppe's opinion on the Arcteryx Atom Hoody - brilliant thermal jacket, even when wet (and dries fast) the cuff stitching is a bit weak though, so it's in need of a bit of needle & thread soon. Thoroughly impressed. I had my eye on the OR Uberlayer but it never seemed to be on special when I had the cash. Also have the Zeta LT for the matching set ;) It's a great lightweight shell and mostly happy with it. One thing that annoys me about Arcteryx is they have TOO many grades of Goretex. Choice is a wonderful thing but even on special I nearly drove myself mad trying to decide. You're always left with that nagging question "if I just spent $50 more then......"
  • Third thumbs up for Arcteryx Atom - I've been climbing with ice coating the outside of my Atom, and stayed warm. I use an Alpha SL hardshell as a windbreaker/light rain jacket (it wets out pretty quick in pissing rain). If I know conditions are going to be dodgy I'll take my Mountain Equipment Tupilac, hands down the most bomb proof jacket I've ever owned. Has sleeves cut for alpine gloves too, so you can pull the sleeve down over your gauntlet to and stop rain running down your arms and filling your gloves up. Can't do that with the Alpha SL.
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