Garmin inReach explorer+

  • Hi Guys. Does anyone of you have this GPS locator(works as phone too) ? Do you think if I'm going to buy one here in Australia where I live I'm I able to use in New Zealand ? If anyone have suggestion to other models or experience with the inReach would be nice to hear from you. Regards Giuseppe
  • Be aware you need a subscription to use the device for communications. $23.95 at present for basic package (10 free messages) and a bit over a dollar for each message after that. You pay for both messages received and sent. Also be aware it is not 'a phone'. 160 character text messages / emails only - no voice. And you do not get a unique number or email address. For someone to send you messages you need to either have sent them an invite from the web portal or have sent them a message from the inreach. Other than that they work ok. I have an older model. The older models take AA batteries whereas the new ones are sealed units so you need to think about how you'll charge it in the bush if it goes flat.
  • thats a monthly subscription madpom is quoting there there is a mini version of that device coming out in a few weeks, minus the map screen. it will be US$350 they will work most places around the globe, not sure how good coverage is in arctic areas...
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  • Thanks guys. I knew it already about the subscription...and I was actually wondering if it's worth it or not. I mean..a beacon relocator is pretty good too...but having the change to send txt to my wife or family is always a good thing...especially if you stay more than 2/3 days out.
  • For me they've been invaluable. Working frequently in the backcountry plus tramping it means you can keep at least a basic level of comms with the family - not disappear completely for weeks at a time. For tramping the main advantages are: - daily scheds for your safety and their reassurance, - Ability to let people know if you'll be late - thus avoiding worry and unnecessary sar callouts - Option of receiving wx forcasts. I've not used garmin's weather service - just get mates to send me relevent metservice mountain forcast abbreviated to 160 chars. - Ability to arrange non-emergency evacuation or alternative pickup if you're safe but unable to continue. Rather than triggering a sar callout and putting others at risk. Is all that worth $25 a month? Maybe. I'd probably not bother if I just walked the odd weekend and would hire one or a mountain radio if i needed something for longer trips. But with work time in thr backcountry too it's a simple call to say yes it is justified.
  • Inreach are great, but I don't think they replace a standard PLB connection with satilites vary in time, with Inreach PLB is near immediate (not that I've had to use one) I have both. Inreach stays in camp,(for texting to home) PLB goes with me everywhere
  • Yes. I gather DOC's line for staff is that whilst InReach are widely used for scheds only a PLB should be relied on in a backcountry emergency situation. It would be interesting to know what tests / research / data that's based on (if any) and what shortcomings they identified.
  • I carry both a PLB and an inReach +. InReach is to keep home informed, and as a GPS. The SOS feature wasn’t a factor for me. Last trip, pulled out the inReach to see where exactly we were........ oops, forgot to check if it was charged before leaving home, and I must have left it on at end of last trip and was dead flat. Still had my PLB if the brown stuff hit the fan.
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