Tramping Shorts

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  • For me Op shops have some times been good places to buy tramping shorts. A few years ago I got 5 good pair for $3.00. These days for tramping and bush work I buy shorts made of synthetic material with stretch which is quick drying. Deep hip pockets are good as are cut away bits or stretchy inserts on the thighs so that the legs don't get impeded when taking long strides. High School gym shorts are good when you can get them in large enough sizes. Warehouse loose fitting basketball shorts with the legs taken up a bit work well for me and are cheap! I've found the Mac Pac nylon & spandex shorts when I can pick them up 2nd hand very good in all ways except for durability of the bum area which wears out fairly quickly compared with other shorts. The Macpac shorts have zip pockets unlike the others I've mentioned which may be a plus for some people?
  • Thanks everyone, a good variety of opinions out there to mull over...
  • I use Swazi but they have the water absorbing quality of spagnum moss.In the wet,I carry long overtrou if windy/cold but also a pair of overtrou cut back to shorts.
  • 'but also a pair of overtrou cut back to shorts.' What a bloody good idea. Does it work? Do they ride up? Do they chafe round the cut?
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  • i saw someone who made their own, hemmed them, never had problems with them. if you buy these you have to size up for equivalent euro sizes
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  • montbell is a Japanese brand so sizes will be smaller
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