Kelly's Hut, near Glenorchy. Public & unlocked?

  • Is Kelly's Hut open for trampers to stay in? It's high above Glenorchy, on Mt Larkins, in the Whakaari Conservation Area. The website seems to show that it's a private hut which is on AirBnB for thousands per night (helicopter and catering provided!). But I saw another website on one of those hut-map sites that showed it was a free hut. Hmm.... Maybe it was once free and now is for super-rich-American-fat-cats only. Gorgeous photo.
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  • Maybe it was free and unlocked when it was like this, but now it may be privately renovated and locked.
  • It's definitely private. Haven't got any details about booking etc., although I've heard locals mention it.
  • According to the latest edition of Moir's guide, Mt Larkins Biv is owned by Dan Kelly (phone 03 442 7939) so try contacting him for details.
  • I've been past the hut twice - Dec 2015 and Jan 2017. Unlocked both times. I understood it was free to use if not booked out, but I could be wrong!
  • Thanks for the info. I tramped up there last week, and stayed two nights at Heather Jock hut. I did a daytrip the second day, but couldn't get quite as far as Kellys Hut due to snow, which I wasn't equipped for. Lovely place.
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