How do you stay fit for tramping?

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  • That's why I love living in Waterloo in the hutt valley. I have one of the best places to train for tramping five mins from my door. The Te whiti firebreak. Straight up straight down. I owe that maunga everything in regards to the adventures I've been able to have because of the fitness and experience I've gotten from smashing myself up there most days for years.
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  • That's an aspect I've found challenging since working from home. I live amongst hills backing onto several reserves. There's no shortage of gradient-encumbered landscape nearby but sometimes I still have to force myself to get out and walk through it, and sort out priorities of that between those of work and family. It's not been quite the same as when I just walked to work and home again every day through reasoning that I didn't want to pay for public transport. I don't lack for interest in getting out exploring new places, or places I've not visited for a while, but after I've walked the same few nearby loops day after day in my spare time, it tends to feel more like training or chore-like busy-walking, and less like fun.
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  • I do hear you. I've walked to the top of the firebreak over 1500 times and at times it does feel like a chore. But I weigh up the rewards and the negatives and it's a no brainer for me. I've actually written down in a calendar every time I've been up. When I get back home and the endorphins are pumping I feel like the King of the world. I distract myself during chores like the hill by daydreaming in realtime. Like it takes me about 50mins to do the hill. So I daydream I've got people over for dinner and then cook dinner for them in real time. This usually gets me to the top, after that it's just a jog back home. Today's my day off and I make the most of it. I went up the hill at 8.30 after the whanau had all left, jumped on the bike and went down the pools for 50 laps. Jumped back on the bike for a 20km ride. Had a feed did a few chores then it was time to pick baby up from kohanga. The missus and I will head out for a 5km jog an hour after tea. We're both flat out with work were also in the middle of building a new home. Our oldest boy is at boarding school we have a ten year old who is sport mad and I'm coaching his rugby team which keeps me honest. Our baby is two soon and it has been really harder incorporating him into the picture. We both got a bit soft over that time. But I carried him to the top of the firebreak when he was a few days old, he's been up around fifty times, and done a bunch of overnight tramps too. You have to make time for yourself when you have kids, it's easier said than done. But the kids need a happy fit dad more than a caring fat sad dad. I want to lead by example for them so they will be the same when their time comes.
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  • Agreed with what folk here are saying. When I was living in Singapore I was a late joiner for a trip to climb Rinjani (on Lombok). I knew I was out of shape and the other guys had been training all year. I had three weeks to kick my desk-jockey body into shape - I did vertical training (stairs, it was Singapore after all), with either a child or a pack full of cook books on my back. Come the tramp I fared better than the others (barring one guy who was a crossfit fanatic) - turned out all their training had been on the flat without any load on their backs. They had done distance, but nothing resembling the conditions they would encounter. Even now I will chuck a few cookbooks in my pack when I join friends for a day walk. Tramping in NZ involves moving a load up a vertical for a prolonged period of time. Training for it should involve the same.
  • Thanks for the advice everyone. I have figured from you're recommendations that I should forget about going to the gym and focus not only on cardio but carrying a weighted backpack up the hill with me to actually mimic tramping. I cant wait to get fit again and be able to tackle those multi-day 'above-the-bushline tramps
  • I run usually 3 times at week...and because I can I walk to work every usually in one day I can do up to 8/10 k...I work in retail so I stand all day around the store. I think it's enough training for me :D
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