Trampers flown out of Tararua Range

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  • From a comment on Facebook: "They were told it wasn’t that easy to follow in the clag before they left herapai and didn’t have a gps on them lucky for them they had a plb could have been avoided easily though" So Dundas, then back West, or some kind of Northern Crossing (still on my list).
  • they went into Dundas same day as I did to arête forks. was fair bit of snow still on the ridge tops, and cloudy, strong winds. forecast was for gales. they were warned at herepai, not to continue (I am told) 2 helicopters tried get there, before the air force did in their monster new one. one of choppers flew over arête forks, wind was roaring down the valley, I couldn't believe anyone was flying in that weather. air force did well to get rescue party near the trampers. they should never have attempted the trip. just same as last tramper going out of Dundas had same result. gale force winds again just putting SAR volunteers, pilots at risk. dumb decisions yet again. PLB is instant rescue these days.
  • It's nearly always claggy from the saddle to dundas.
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Started by Berend de Boer
On 18 April 2018
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