Drones in National Parks

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  • This came up in a facebook discussion I was having 3 months ago on drones. Is it not part 101 of the Civil Aviation Rules that's relevant here? https://www.caa.govt.nz/assets/legacy/Advisory_Circulars/AC101-1.pdf#page=11 I don't have time to re-read it in detail right this moment, but from memory as well as dealing with land-owners being required to give consent, page 13 has a particular section on public land and spaces. It states that local authorites and DOC should be engaging with operators and providing necessary consent over the land they're responsible for.
  • Thanks for the link @izogi. For those in a hurry caa have a summary here: https://www.caa.govt.nz/rpas/ And a faq here which includes an answer to the very question being asked: https://www.caa.govt.nz/rpas/rpas-faqs/
  • it will be best idea for security purposes have a look at best camera drones under 300 http://dronesnerd.com/best-drones-under-300/
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  • If anyone thinks this situation will improve before it gets way worse; if anyone thinks the increasing numbers of people in the bush, especially international visitors, are going to adhere to their 'better angels' and not be increasingly clueless, inconsiderate, and obnoxious; if anyone thinks technology such as this will not compromise the wilderness experience for everyone: you're dreaming.
  • I will continue to carry my slingshot. Silent, reasonable range, discreet, all natural ammunition, doesn't pollute, albeit a downed drone might.
  • its pretty selfish and ignorant to use one around other people in a conservation park... they are highly irritating to be around when you're in a park... the noise, the intrusion to nature
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