I'm back (not that many will have noticed).

  • Hi guys, @Kreig and I must have been on some kind of similar "forum break" as I noticed he's back too. Not sure many will know me if i'm totally honest, although I did speak with some of you and the odd one spoke at me :) Anyway, i'm back on here as I continue my further research and develop wider understanding in this area (we all can learn something new every day). I noticed @900days900huts aka Bear Grylls didn't get chance to complete his comprehensive hut bagging. I do hope he does get chance to continue and completes his objective. No matter how ambitious, I don't think there is any shame in what he set out to achieve. He will get there, i'm certain of it. I have a feeling my last post on here was sometime in 2016 (I only joined in 2015). A lot has happened since then. I still have the onward goal of exploring much of NZ's Backcountry but it's an ever evolving mission, and continually developing as side projects come and go. I hope you're all pretty well and good? Picked up some great advice off several of you on here, as well as just conversing with you in general too. "We're always in the sh*t; it's just the depth that varies." :) Cheers, Bamboo x
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Started by Bamboo
On 27 March 2018
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