Five passes with lake Nerine on Easter weekend

  • Hi We are looking for an experienced tramper who would go with us to Five passes with lake Nerine hike. You need to be well equipped and fit. It is a short notice, but our friend has changed his plans and not going anymore. It is a challenging unmarked route and we would prefer a guy to go with us. Start on the 29th of March from lake Sylvan campsite, early in the morning. Return on the 2nd of April to Routburn shelter. Transfer from there to Queenstown is arranged and paid for 3 people. We are two ladies in their 30th, have done many hikes, fit and fun. It is an awesome hike, amazing scenery and uncrowded Cheers guys
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  • Mr Gaiters Your comment is extremely rude, please remove it immediately Thank you
  • Fair enough sorry lol. I was only jesting. Though I imagine your offer will not be met here. Good luck.
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  • plenty of people here have done five passes and harder and have climbed... you dont know us at all, you prejudge by the label tramper...
  • I know people here have done 5 Passes and harder, this is why I am looking for a hiking companion here. I have done 5 passes last year, but this time want to extend to Lake Nerine. But navigating is not my strongest skill, so we need someone to come with us!
  • I'd love to help. It's a walk i have enjoyed three times and in different ways. I will probably touch on it again. Unfortunately, i'm in Brisbane right now. I come from years of practice reading maps and i know time allows you to view maps very differently to others. It puzzles me though. Someone who has done a particular walk and possesses the map and any track notes (Moirs guide) should have the confidence to navigate it.
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Started by Anya Bachkirova
On 23 March 2018
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