Route from Carkeek to Dracophyllum knob/hut

  • I have old maps that I used to mark routes that I'd done in red ink so we always refer to redlines when we are now doing a section that's new to us. Good fun filling in the gaps. Now that I'm using Freshmap, I don't bother tracing the redlines on maps anymore these days.
  • Hi si-dog how did the carkeek - drac trip go? did you get across to drac? did you do cow ck to carkeek in day ok. the sidle track up to arête forks is getting slow, lots of windfalls. 3 an half hours to 5 hours. BTW, Holdsworth to carkeek via McGregor- park forks is probably quickest, done it several times recently, in a day (summer,) might go in that way soon, if weather is ok.(now the Roar rush is over) similar as trip from Levin (Poads rd), te matawai-arete-carkeek.
  • I saw your name in the McGregor biv hut book TararuaHunter. Getting about looking after those huts aye? Nice job on McGregor by the way. That tap to the water tank needs tightening up though leaks pretty bad if pulled fully shut. Pity the dunny door didn't face Dorset ridge hut too.
  • Hey there TararuaHunter - Im waiting for three good days in a row and thats currently out of the f^$^%&??@$ question.....the last two weekends (and next weekend) have been: Monday (fine, cloudy) Tuesday (fine, cloudy) Wednesday (fine, cloudy) Thursday (fine, cloudy) Friday (cloudy, with developing showers) Saturday (utter shit) Sunday (utter utter shit, with gale force winds). Probably not that dramatic, but you get my drift. Yea the route I have planned certainly isnt the fastest, but its the best way for me bag FIVE huts in one trip. Thats the overriding goal at this stage. Cheers!
  • going back to McGregor, soon as I can, gaiters.on way to carkeek, hopefully si-dog, you might find cow ck to arête forks bit hard going, lot of wind falls, allow 4 hours or so. unless if your fairly fit. track up to waiohine pinnacles is ok, but has one large windfall that takes bit of navigating. takes 3 hours or more to the top
  • Si-dog I went to McGregor biv during Anzac break and the weather was perfect. Sun-mon-tues. cool, clear, still. Weather has been pretty settled. That's the way to get to Carkeek you ask me. From holdsworth car park. 1 1/2 hours to atiwhakatu hut. 1 1/2 hours to jumbo via rain gauge spur. 1 1/2 hours to McGregor. 4-5 hours to McGregor from car park, solid pace but not racing. Take a night in there then it's a 4-5 hour trip to carkeek. Stay there the night or leave your gear at McGregor and day hike it too carkeek and back then retrace. So two to three nights will do you.
  • Cow Creek to Arete Forks being slow going - yes cheers for that - looks like the type of track (on the topo) that could be prone to having a bit of deadfall on it. Like I say - no hurry - Im doing Blue Range on a Friday nite - then Blue Range to Arete Forks next day, then over to Carkeek to stay the following nite, then over to Drac Hut, then out via Otaki Forks - calling a taxi on the hill on the way down to get the train station to get the last train out. Not really looking forward to staying in Carkeek - heard its a bit damp - but Im not keen to take a tent either.
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  • carkeek is great hut. not really damp, bit cold this time of year if wood burner not going wood burner heats the hut up good, if you find dry dead wood to use Blue range to arête forks in a day is good way to do it cheers
  • Went up with a group this weekend and the plan was to go to Elder hut via Kime. Due to the snow currently around, and lack of enough time to do a proposed loop walk, the plan was a no-go. The snow is being dumped with what seems to be prevailing east or southerly winds. It looks like Thompson/Lancaster/Pinnacle Spur etc would also be subject to snow from this direction. has anyone done Pinnacle spur up from Arete Forks Hut, and/or the Waiohine Pinnacles in snowy conditions? I am good with cramp & axe use however that wont help for any slippery layers of snow sitting on a steep rock surface of classic tararua pinnacles. Any thoughts on this would be welcome - Im planning on finding a good weather window in 2 weeks - I have a solid week off to do my walk. cheers!
  • @si-dog Iv done the NX via Waihone Pinnacles and Arete but not in winte. Going over the pinnacles in winter covered in snow would be more hairy than the hairs on my man chest
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