Route from Carkeek to Dracophyllum knob/hut

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  • I opted to sidle the gorge, it was slow going for me. had to climb a few hundred metres up to get away from the steeper slopes.
  • @gaiters I believe Thornhills Hut is at Lat: -40.930009 Long: 175.143711 Here it is on google maps'48.0%22S+175%C2%B008'37.4%22E/@-40.9300049,175.1415169,453m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d-40.930009!4d175.143711
  • Could I appeal to you to follow other's long-maintained practice of not publishing locations of unofficial huts? A private message might be more appropriate. DOC have already threatened to remove at least one in the Tararuas when it became too well known / well used.
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  • @madpom what are the purpose of these unofficial or 'secret' huts? If DOC does not want the public to know about them then why are they unlocked and open for access to anyone? Also I found the location on Hut Bagger which happens to be documented by you which is freely accessibly to the public
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  • 1 deleted message from izogi
  • They are built illegally by private individuals on doc land. They seem to be tolerated up to a point but as I say one (Snowy) has been theeatened with removal after people wrote about the poor state of it. Just looked at hut bagger. As you say - someone has added a location to the listing I created. Which is a pity.
  • Speaking of secret huts was at McGregor biv for the night yesterday and contemplated doing a loop to visit jacks biv. But she's getting cold and slippery in those tight tarry river valleys now so I just headed home. McGregor still in good nick, but the hut book is falling apart,
  • Yeah. Should have mentioned the second category of 'secret huts': Biodiversity staff huts. These are put out for staff use mainly for specific projects - eg project kaka in the Tararuas. They can be open or locked. As staff-only facilities they are not subject to docs visitor asset inspection regime and rules around public accommodation & associated costs. So my interpretation is they're kept quiet either for that reason or to keep them free & empty for staff/volunteers when needed. Island, upper otaki (&probably jacks) are in that category.
  • If jacks is kept for doc staff, doc can keep their job lol.
  • Not been there (Jacks) @gaiters. Understood it was a standard 2 bunk doc bivvy. Am I misinformed?
  • No your right it's just a dark damp mouldy part of the world.
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