Garmin GPS reliability

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  • I have the [Garmin 62s]( and have had it for 5 or so years. I have to admit that I don't use it very often as its a backup for my compass and map. So far I have had no issues with the [62s]( I have never used your one but if you are looking for another I can definatly recommend the [62s](
  • Have had a Garmin 60CSx since 2005, always used NiMh batteries, never had a problem. But need to set it to use these.
  • Same here, with an eTrex Vista HCx and then an eTrex 30. Both always behaved with my two Energizer NiMh rechargeable batteries, which incidentally also got me 20+ continuous hours before needing any replacement. (I think it's normally the mAh rating which has more to do with how long it'll last, though.) I'd never cared to notice that NiMh batteries are a lower voltage. If a device is overtly misbehaving then I can see how maybe that would have something to do with it.
  • lithium batteries are best for running these types of devices, i think i read somewhere, nimh voltage can drop off before they go flat.. whereas lithium maintains voltage better
  • Yeah, lithium-ion cells are much more efficient than other other chemistries such as Akleine and NiMh cells. Li-Ion cell are much more dangerous if you over charge or undercharge them so always use protected cells (they just have a little circut board on the top which regulates the current) I use Li-Ion in my flashlights which is good if you want to push your LED to the max
  • My main motivation for NiMh, especially a few years ago, is that they're more commonly rechargeable, so have tended to be cost effective for me over a longer time given I could normally get a whole trip from a full charge anyway. It's less of an incentive with fewer devices (GPS, camera, torch) taking AA batteries, though. I used to take fewer spares on the presumption that if something went flat unexpectedly then I could ration the use of batteries in other devices. Spare NiMh AA batteries just for a single device are quite heavy in the scheme of things, though.
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  • Had issues once with a headlight malfunction.The dealer said it pays to use good quality alkaline batteries whereas I was buying the scotsmans' price variety.Took his advice & no problems since.
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