round the mountain track conditions, stream crossi

  • looking to do the ruapehu RTM track in a few weeks, has anyone else done this round ? Just wondering what the track conditions are like, and if there's much stream/river crossings (or are they bridged ?). If they aren't bridged i'm not sure what clothing would be best for lower half. At the moment we're intending to go with hiking shoes and mtb shorts, with rain trousers for wet conditions, but not sure if that's what most people go with. I see it's only about 8 Celsius there currently.
  • the big ones are bridged. you're a fair way up and above the bushline, be prepared for cold weather. in a few weeks time it will be even cooler
  • The Whangaehu River bridge was out of action a month ago but may have been repaired by now. The alternative route requires you to cross it further up, which is requires caution, especially after any sort of rain. If using the Whakapapaiti Track, the Whakapapaiti Stream would be difficult to cross after rain.
  • hmmm ok. We'll bring hats/gloves & extra socks for sure, but it's just those water crossings that make me nervous. More due to issue of wearing enough to stay warm out the water but still being able to get wet. I've also got a helly hansen synthetic base layer i can use for warmth but if we're crossing rivers i'm guessing i'm not going to want to be getting it wet.
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