Mixing and matching overnight tramps

  • Hi everyone, Three of us are landing in Queenstown late Feb 24th, and flying out again on Sunday 4th March. So we have 7 full days and 8 nights to play with. Our past NZ trips have involved flying in, doing one solid tramp (have done Rees-Dart, Gillespie Circuit, Three Passes, Five Passes) and flying out, but this time we want to mix and match a bunch of day trips and overnight tramps. We have all the gear to be totally self-sufficient and do want to camp some nights (preferably somewhere with a view), but would also like to spend some nights in a hut as well. On our wish-list so far is: • Valley of the Trolls (from the Routeburn Shelter) • French Ridge Hut (or Liverpool Hut) • Mueller Hut • Stafford Hut (from Jackson Bay) We’d appreciate any recommendations of picturesque or scenic day walks, overnight tramps (and/or good stealth camping spots). We’re not locked in to an itinerary and we will probably just choose tramps as we go, based on the best weather forecast (granted this can change in an instant). We’re experienced trampers/rogainers with navigating and backcountry skills. We’ll have a hire car but are looking to minimise driving time (which is hard when you chuck in Mt Cook and the West Coast). Also, given we land at Queenstown at 7.30pm, we were thinking of camping the first night at Moke Lake. Appreciate any other suggestions of campsites not too far from Queenstown, that might not be overrun by campervans. Thanks for any advice you guys might have, really appreciate it.
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Started by habitualhiker
On 13 February 2018
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