Radio NZ story on Permolat

  • Jesse Mulligan interviewing Andrew Buglass on Permolat and restoring rundown huts.
  • Thanks for the link, pseudo, and thanks to Andrew for the work he does, including establishing Permolat. A good interview, worth a listen - and a great example of people just doing stuff.
  • All the regulars here should consider joining Permolat or the equivalent North Island Ruahine group.
  • It was a good down to earth interview! @ PhilipW a number of us here are already active Permolat members. I joined up over 10 years ago after shifting back to the West Coast after a long stint away. I've known Andrew B. since school days and we used to tramp a bit together starting in 1974 though we usually tramped with different friends or often solo in my case. Back in 2012 I wrote a short promotional article about Permolat for this site. A lot has been accomplished since then and the concept has mushroomed. Here is a link to the 2012 piece.
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Started by pseudo
On 3 February 2018
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