Double Barrel - Fraser

  • Anyone been over the obvious pass from Double Barrel into the Fraser? Will try it out if not, but advice that it goes / doesn't go would be appreciated. Also interested to hear if you've crossed direct from Death Valley to the Fraser.
  • Ok, I don't understand coding so I cant figure out how to link the photo directly into the post... Was in Death Valley in December. Have long wanted to cross over to the Fraser directly but didn't have time this trip. The western side of the valley is quite bluffy so you'll want to go up one of the scree gullies lower down near the scrub belt. Once out of the gully the terrace between 1300-1400m should lead south to a point where you can climb up to the saddle at Point 1581, from where you can descend scree to the scrub of the Fraser. At least, all of that is what I would do... Definitely want to hear about youre travel from Double Barrel to the Fraser. Was going to do that in December but bad weather crossing Fraser Col meant I couldnt be bothered the next day climbing up to the head of the Fraser for a looksie. Have talked to people who say its all bluffy up there but I was going to cross south of 1706 which just looks like a gully the whole way down on Google Earth.
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  • Thanks for the response Yarmoss - figured either yourself or IanH would have an answer. Sadly, the link you posted doesn't work. It looks like a google session id relating to your search rather than a link to a set of results. Are you able to either send the link to the result you were trying to point me to, or tell me what you searched for?
  • ![]( It’s just a photo of Death Valley on my Google account but I can’t figure out how to share it here... lol P.E.B.K.A.C. !
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  • Double Barrel to Fraser pass goes ok. Bit o steep loose scree towards top but otherwise fine. Trip writeup to come ...
  • Trip report for thus trip written up here with a few pics Route guide at: Thanks to those giving advice ... both recently and a few years back when I originally planned this trip.
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