Molesworth station mgmt being reassessed by DOC

  • also includes and online survey
  • Thanks, Wayno. Participated in this.
  • Intrigued to know people's perspectives. I'd love to see more access, year round. But I'd hate to see this vast weed-bed / rabbit farm become yet another drain on DOC's budget. From what I saw, it's a wonderful landscape but trashed of all native vegetation. Keep farming it, and let the farm pay for the management of the land ... but let us in year round? Or are there other perspectives out there?
  • whatever is most practical. they put the entrance fees up recently, be good if they could limit those from getting too high... its as much a maintenance road for the power lines and they are paid for by them to a certain extent , so its debateable how much they should be charging for access.
  • There are no entry fee for Molesworth, has not been one for years. Maybe you are confusing it with the Rainbow road?
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  • Couple of items on RNZ today
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