Kelly Range...old stone hut?

  • Anybody ever come across the hut ruin mentioned here? > i walked the kelly tops years ago found and old stone hut (no roof) also a fork and a spoon even an old rusted pan
  • I've been up there a few times. Last time was aug 2016. If i had known there was a ruin i would have looked about more. I imagine it is a little lower than the top and nearer 7 mile ck..
  • Well, there is one report of a ruin up there. I don't know if it's accurate. Intriguing though!
  • It exists and I know where it is plus quite a few old mining sites up on Kelly's. There are shafts, adits (mine entrances) pits, trenches and even small stockpiles of mined quartz up there. I have photos and gps'd locations but have been asked not to divulge the location of the "ruin" on Kelly's Range. DOC are aware of its existence. As to Griffin Creek, Rocky Creek, Harrington Creek, the Taipo & its other tributaries there are a good many old hut sites and relics from deer culling, gold and serpentine/jade mining. I've posted one photo on here of a relic at the serpentine mine and had photos used by a journalist who wrote a feature about this historic mining operation.
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  • Fair enough. Nice to know it’s up there. Are you able to share a photo of what’s up there without giving it away?
  • Keith Johnston (ex-Arthurs Pass Motels) used to poke around up there and told me about ruins up there. Not tempted to go in that area as it's riddled with holes.
  • I've posted under Photographs about the relics on Kellys Range. A photograph of part of the dry stone wall structure that is up there features. As to shafts there are some up there that I've visited and no doubt many others. One story I've heard 2nd hand is that during the helicopter venison recovery days the Roger Morrison ops shooter wounded a deer on these tops and as the helicopter was following the fleeing animal the deer vanished. The chopper pilot put the shooter on the ground and a search was made to find the animal. It was discovered that it had gone down a mine shaft. A couple of shots were put in to it to make sure it was dead and it was left where it lay as the carcass was too tricky to recover from the bottom of the mine shaft.
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