Doc booking system contagious

  • 2 easy to get to huts so in this case we cant complain but the march towards all huts by booking only has well and truly started
  • it will only ever be a case by case basis, costs DOC money to have to keep expanding their booking system.. but there are more huts constantly being added to the list. most decent front country huts are likely to end up being bookable.. look on the bright side, at least bludgers automatically can't lay claim to a bunk anymore, a booking trumps all...
  • that's an amazing change in usage. I possummed out of rangiwahia in oct-dec 2012 and don't think I ever had company more than once a week. Blame the flash new track: build it and they will come.
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  • same as the route to powell hut that went over "pig flat" through all the mud,,, which has now been filled in with the new track which adds stairs to the climb. low and behold they had to make it bookable...
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