Kohukohunui circuit

  • Hi all, Looking at doing this track as an over nighter with the wife and a tent, wondering if anyone has done the loop and which tracks to take. looking at the topo map, there are a few possible loops. Does this start at Mine Road, up Kohukohunui track, and back down upper Mangatawhiri Ridge Track, then on Mine Rd track? Or does this start from the cost side of the Hunuas and loop around the Thousand Acre Clearing? https://tramper.nz/1616/kohukohunui-circuit/ Any info would be helpful Cheers
  • The loop around the thousand acre clearing gives you more views out over the firth of Thames. Both sides are great though the Waharau regional park side gives a bit more variety for me.
  • Cool, might give that a crack then. Whats parking like for that side? Description of this circuit mentions an unmarked hut, is this at the top of Kohukohunui? Any clearing nearby suitable for a tent?
  • dont leave your car there if other people arent camping at the campground, park it near the campers..
  • Sounds like a smart idea. So pretty much park on/near E Coast Road?
  • Looks like you can take a track up to the thousand acre clearing from the north side, leave the main road at 621 Orere-Matingarahi Road, through a farm and into the bush. Not sure of the farm access though, may have to knock on the door and ask. might just be easier to go through Waharau Regional park.
  • theres a campsite at waharau, dont leave your car in sight of the main road. I wouldnt leave a car overnight anywhere around the hunuas where there arent other people around overnight
  • You won't get access to Mine Road, all restricted area. Hunua parking shouldn't be a problem except the Southern parking lots. We had our window smashed there, have parked numerous times at other spots (North/East) without problems.
  • Cool, ill probably park at the campground. As long as i don't leave anything valuable in the ute I should be rite. Looked at the council parks website and found a good map of the track with campsite locations and points of interest. http://regionalparks.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/waharau
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