Two person/ double entry tent

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  • @ Mr Finch it wasn't just the tent I purchased, and I ma sorry I do not recall the actual shipping cost for everything. However Henry Squires the owner of Tarptents advised "If you added the items to your cart and then looked at the quoted shipping rate estimate that’s exact." I was surprised and considered the shipping reasonable. No there is no one that handles Tarptent in NZ.
  • @mrfinch - you're right, I've just looked at the new Lightning 2 and it's single door, sorry. The old model that I have has double doors. Bit of a step backward if you ask me!
  • Torpedo7 has good sales on at the moment 50% off tents, 3 person tent for $200. Only single entry though, unsure of the quality but has good reviews on the website, although i'm always skeptical of reviews on a stores own products... Seriously considering it myself though as it is cheap ATM and i'm unlikely to use it more than a few times a year. could be a good starter tent. Weka seems to be the best value for double entry. few other 3 person tents below that look legit.
  • We have two (Zempire) Freedom Sequel 2 Person tents for family tramps and they have been excellent. The Sequel model been discontinued but upgraded and renamed as the Zeus. It has a slighty different profile and apparently more complicated pole arrangement but I would think that it is still an excellent tent for@$400
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Started by Mr Finch
On 27 November 2017
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