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View on map Start CB09 089148 E1208901, N5014823 44°54′44.8″ S, 168°2′43.2″ E -44.912433, 168.045335 -44.912433, 168.045335 S44°54.746′ E168°2.72′ D41 189766 E2118960, N5576635 44°54′50.7″ S, 168°2′43.0″ E -44.914073, 168.045277
View on map U Pass CB09 052193 E1205210, N5019292 44°52′13.1″ S, 168°0′8.1″ E -44.870317, 168.002243 -44.870317, 168.002243 S44°52.219′ E168°0.134′ D41 152811 E2115279, N5581100 44°52′19.0″ S, 168°0′7.9″ E -44.871958, 168.002185
View on map Hut Creek CB09 051169 E1205112, N5016865 44°53′31.3″ S, 167°59′56.8″ E -44.892029, 167.999110 -44.892029, 167.999110 S44°53.521′ E167°59.946′ D41 151786 E2115179, N5578677 44°53′37.2″ S, 167°59′56.6″ E -44.893669, 167.999052
View on map Mistake Creek CB09 074197 E1207399, N5019702 44°52′4.3″ S, 168°1′48.6″ E -44.867854, 168.030159 -44.867854, 168.030159 S44°52.071′ E168°1.809′ D41 174815 E2117464, N5581508 44°52′10.2″ S, 168°1′48.4″ E -44.869494, 168.030101

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View definition file /whio/view/points.xml.cfm overridden by /custom/view/~custom.xml.cfm
Controller /whio/view/points/controller.cfm
Title → Points | U Pass | Tracks
Template inner-wide-2012
Boxes in container 1
Key On request? Generated? Title File Template Class Cache (min) Cache key From cache? Time (ms)
core_heading No Yes /whio/box/core_heading.cfm 0 - No 0
points No Yes /whio/view/points/points.cfm 0 - No 4
  • Key: Filename of box.
  • On Request? "On request" boxes are not always used in a view.
  • Generated? "On request" boxes are only generated as needed; others are always generated (unless retrieved from the cache).
  • Title: Box title. Set in view definition but may be overridden.
  • File: The file that is used to generate the box content. This value is determined on application start by a file scan. If blank, the content is usually generated by the controller -- or the file is missing.
  • Template: which box template file to use (useful for major changes). Looks for /custom/template/box/[template].cfm first and /whio/template/box/[template].cfm second.
  • Class: what CSS class to apply to the box (useful for aesthetic tweaks).
  • Cache (min): cached item must be fresher than this.
  • Cache key: how the cache record is identified. {Placeholders} may be used.
  • From cache? Was the content of this box drawn from the cache?