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  • Hi all this is my first message i've posted. For a while now i have been able to access, download, and print off NZ topo maps online via the government LINZ website ( I've recently noticed that i am unable to do this anymore. Couple of questions. 1/. Is anyone else have the same experience? 2/. If so does anyone know if this is a permanent thing? 3/. If it is a permanent thing what is the reason for this? Cheers Paul.
  • Hello. I've never tried to print from that site and I haven't used it for a while, so I'm just guessing here. What do you mean by you are 'unable to do this anymore'? Does it simply not print when you tell it to? Is the method you previously used for printing (a button of some sort?) no longer available? Is the site down completely? (It's timing out for me what I try to access it right now.) If it looks as if you should be able to print, but simply doesn't print, it might be something on your end such as your web browser settings having changed, or your browser being upgraded or something, in a way that broke how the site usually works. Have you tried a different web browser? Note that if you visit the LINZ website, you can download high resolution digital images of the official paper maps (potentially for printing). But yeah, it's not quite the same thing as NZTopoOnline.
  • Actually NZ Topo Online has apparently been switched off. I can't find an official reference for this, but an informal note from a friend at LINZ seems to be that someone in there has decided it's adequate to just provide the downloadable map images from now on. Keeping up NZTopoOnline probably comes with a lot of overheads, maintenance and extra costs, I guess.
  • Following link from LINZ advises they have turned it off....
  • Hi all, Thanks for your replies.
  • The LINZ topographic maps have all been stitched together in to one huge interactive image here for ease of browsing...
  • Nice work Gavin!!!
  • Yeah, this is awesome!
  • yup this is on my favourites list too
  • I'm just chuffed other people are finding it useful too :)
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