Freedom Camping legislation in the works

  • Thank you izogi. You have covered my concerns and written it much better than I could have.
  • Stuff's given some cover to the submissions, and they quoted a lot from Richard Davies of FMC : "Richard Davies, of the Federated Mountain Club, said the proposed changes would have a huge impact on trampers who stayed overnight before starting their walks. "Davies said he was not denying that there was a problem and said poor toilet habits were not limited to the side of the road. "''Both in New Zealand and overseas I've seen a number of public toilets that are quite revolting and a number of toilets on commercial premises that are revolting too.'' "The remedy should not be to rule out a whole class of activity. "Clamping down on those who stopped to rest on the side of the road could also hamper the road safety campaigns which encourage sleepy drivers to have a rest, he said."
  • Actually the Herald did a much better job of capturing the FMC concerns.
  • So I haven't browsed them, but all submissions for the Freedom Camping Bill are online at
  • It was passed last night.
  • Anyone know which parties supported the bill?
  • Labour and Greens opposed it, in the end. I'm not sure about Chris Carter. Stuff and the regular media just says they opposed it because it's draconian, but the arguments against it are a bit more sophisticated than that. Kevin Hague's speech (for the Green Party) the other night can be viewed at , where among other things he notes that it won't work in part because council bylaws will fall over in court as soon as they're challenged.
  • Supporting it makes a few of the minor parties look like hypocrites. I am looking at you ACT and United Future... Dunno enough about the maori parties principals to past judgment on them.
  • I see DOC have released their list of banned sites for freedom camping.
  • That list looks like most of NZ is banned
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