Tahurangi Mt Ruapehu - How hard is it??

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  • Hiya All Im planning to climb Tahurangi from Turoa ski field, end of summer climb. Anyone done it before?? Any hints?? How hard is it?? Ive done taranaki a couple of times but the difficulty level of Tahurangi seems a bit of a mystery to me as it is all dependant on experience i guess. Info on the internet on this climb is very little in comparison to Taranaki. Any info would be appreciated Cheers C Cheers
  • Just watch out for ice, even in summer. It is the south side of the mountain so can hold icy patches right through the summer. It may pay to pack ice axe and crampons I know because I had a major fall there in Easter 1988 from which I had to be helicopter rescued and spent 2 nights in hospital. In my case it had been raining the day before and the wet snow had frozen into green ice which we had to cross. A crampon I was wearing decided to fall apart at just the wrong moment. However in saying that I don't think there are any major obsticals if the conditions are good.
  • CraigNZ, On a fine summer day a few years ago, three of us visited the crater from Turoa ski field. We followed the crater rim to the summit of Tahurangi. There was plenty of ice and snow. In fact we ascended a pretty steep wall of ice to reach the ridge behind the summit (leading back to Girdlestone).There was a little bouldering on ice as we traversed the rim before that. Everything was straightforward but i don't imagine going all that way without crampons and axes. We met an American fellow on the summit who had made a more direct approach from Turoa. There was a gnome and a deck chair on top. The part that had me nervous was the descent we took from East of the summit. A drop straight back toward the crater lake. It wasn't until below the level of the crater lake that i saw our route was on a huge overhanging wall. It was after midday and plenty of rocks were loosening and flying past us. You might well choose to return the way you came. Best of luck Aardvark
  • CraigNZ, In my collection of photos there are a few summer shots of Tahurangi. In particular, is a view of our descent (labelled 'Descent off Tahurangi')which if you look carefully in the centre of the wall is a zigzag trail we left. Regards Aardvark
  • Peoples It appears (and I may be wrong) from pictures ive seen, maps, snippets of info, stories and heresay that it is possible to climb to Tahurangi at the end of summer from Turoa taking a direct route from the carpark to the summit along what the call skyline ridge. The advantage of this 'it appears' is that it avoids glacier crossing and dealing with ice and perhaps then possible without crampons ice axe etc. Info seems very scarce on the internet re this route though this is the sum of the feelings and research I have made. Anyway, I have decided to leave it till next season and maybe tackle Ngarauhoe instead soon. I also may just do a rec trip searching for some info and to have a look. However any info on Tahurangi still much appreciated if anyone bumps in to any. Cheers C
  • CraigNZ: Yep, I've summitted Tahurangi 4 x, and always had to cross ice and/or snow. I think the only way to the top without crossing ice would be late summer, very early autumn, from Turoa's Giant Cafe, then ascending up SKYLINE RIDGE on loose rock. Straightforward, though when I did this in winter there was a small drop at the top of Skyline, a wee bit unnerving, before walking along to top.
  • Have been to Tahurangi twice, late February & mid March from Turoa. Initially followed the tow, then branched out to the skyline ridge beside Mangaehuehu Glacier. Kept to ridge and eventually a couple of red wooden poles marked the curve to the summit Good travel all the way with no snow or ice. (as at March '07)
  • i ended up just doing it in winter with all the gear...still kinda curious though about the possibilities of doing it summer!!
  • Planning on doing this later this month with Aardvark, will keep you posted.
  • Hi lostone, have you been up Tahurangi from Turoa skifield yet? A group of us are planning on going the Saturday morning. I understand that this time of year that ice and snow can usually be avoided. If any one has been up this year would you please let me know what it is like.
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