Mt Beaumont (2131m) April 2012

Mt Beaumont (2131m)  April 2012

This pic looks at Mt Beaumont from the south and was taken from the crest of the Lange Range while heading up to Point 2056m. Mt Beaumont is a fairly easy climb from Top Tuke hut with it taking around 3hrs to the summit. It has a small cap of permanent ice.

Routes leading off Beaumont head to the Tuke River & Healey Creek tributaries of the Mikonui River, the Waitaha River headwaters and the Cropp & Price River tributaries of the Whitcombe.

It's great country in good weather!



  • glennj glennj Easy. Bring her down for a holiday or two & hope/make sure she falls in love with the place then pop the how about moving down question. That's what I did!
    30 April 2012
  • madpom madpom West coast should appoint you ambasador - certainly convinced me I want to live there with your photos. Now: how do I convince the missus she wants to move too ...
    29 April 2012
  • lewshaw lewshaw Another good pic!Keep up the pills `n ointment,you do a fine job of expanding my ever full bucket-list.
    28 April 2012
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