Looking eastward along the Newton Range April 2012

Looking eastward along the Newton Range  April 2012

This picture was taken from a spot on the range a bit over an hour west of the bivvy. The bivs location is on the range crest mid photo but it is not showing in this shot. The peak at the end of the range is Mt Newton and the low saddle to its right is Styx Saddle.

We were up on the range tramping looking at the ultramafic rock band & having a recce. We stayed one night at the biv and were just the second party to have walked in to it in the last twelve months. The weather was great!



  • whio1 A mate and I traversed the range in perfect weather on 03.12.13 from Mt Brown Hut to the Biv and then down to Grassy Flats. The ridge and views are spectacular! Love that West Coast especially when the suns shining. Carried on the next day through to Mid Styx and out Tyndall Creek which was bloody nice. Track and hut in good nick. Have added comments in visitors book.
    5 December 2013
  • glennj glennj This morning, less than a fortnight after taking the above picture, the view has completely changed. The range is now snow covered.
    1 May 2012
  • glennj glennj Yes it's lovely country. On my previous visit to Newton biv JH & I day tripped there and back from the Styx roadend so it's quite accessible. Not many people get off the DOC tracks tho.
    20 April 2012
  • major major Great pic Glenn, I love this type of country. It surprises me that more don't visit the biv as it is easily accessable from the Styx valley track.
    19 April 2012
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