Formerly the Knobby Ridge biv Oct 2011

Formerly the Knobby Ridge biv  Oct 2011

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We saw this biv when emerging from the Inland Pack Track on to the farm track that runs beside the Punakaiki River. It's only a few minutes upstream from the car park at the end of Waikori Road if coming from the other direction. The biv looked like an NZFS alpine biv so I had a look inside. Writing revealed that it was the Knobby Ridge biv that once sat high on Mt Robinson on the western side of the Diedrich Range. It was interesting to see the names of two NZFS guys I know saying that they rebuilt the biv in 1984. The biv was removed from that site soon afterwards in the late 1980's.

The "Permolat" website has a photo of this biv & some snippets of info. It says the biv was removed to be used as a radio shack. It's not being used as a radio shack at its current location. I'm unsure of its history post removal or how long it has been at its current site. This historic biv has seen better days! At the moment it has one mattress resting on the floor & a crude table inside.



  • matthew matthew I must have walked past this. Looking forward to checking it out.
    23 February 2014
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