nesting shags

nesting shags

Pied Shag nesting near the Chasm Creek Walkway on the Mokihinui River, north of Westport



  • mantis mantis Hi Frank There were 3 young chicks in the nest. I got some good shots of them feeding in between swatting away the sandfies. I have just gone digital and am using a Canon EOS 550D. The lens was from my old film type Canon and is a 70 - 300 mm zoom so with the conversion factor was about 450mm. The photo was taken from about 5 metres away. there was another nest in the same tree which hung out over the river from a bluff
    24 February 2011
  • FrankB FrankB Great shot Mantis. Albeit it looks a bit peeved at the intrusion. Great to see the young one tucked in underneath. What camera do you use. Frank
    23 February 2011
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