The crater rim from above the Mangaturuturu glacier

The crater rim from above the Mangaturuturu glacier

Tahurangi is the summit at 2797m. Ruapehu Feb 2011


  • aardvark aardvark Yes, however there are a couple of spots which might delay the fainthearted. If you're confident with crampons and axe i would say winter is less effort.
    12 February 2011
  • Rowan And so to get to the summit can you simply follow the ridge line around to the right from where you are taking the photo?
    12 February 2011
  • aardvark aardvark The central peak in the photo is Tahurangi
    12 February 2011
  • Rowan Which is Tahurangi? The central peak or the right hand one?
    12 February 2011
  • Sunny1 Sunny1 Nice location, nice shot. wish i was there.
    11 February 2011
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