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  • pmcke pmcke It will depend very much on how much water is in the snowy stream. I remember looking at it and thinking that it would be quite difficult to cross. There is a limited length of river that you can cross at because of bluffs. However I have heard of a party who went through there recently and had no trouble. The thing to do would be to do the trip but do not attempt to cross if it is unsafe. be prepared to turn back if you need to. And by the way, current rivercrossing practise is that you should NEVER use a rope when rivercrossing. The risk of an entanglment and being dragged under by the rope is too great. See http://www.riversafe.org.nz/facts/rivercrossing.shtml for more info
    28 August 2007
  • fatyogi fatyogi Hi, is it the bridge across Upper Snow Creek? I am looking for someone who has done this track. We are going to do it at the end of August and Upper Snow Creek will be removed by then. I wonder how wide the creek is and do we have to have a rope to build a passage or we can just ford it or even jump it over. thanks, Oleg
    4 August 2006
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