Kauritatahi Hut from Thompson's Track

Kaimai-Mamaku Forest Park

This is the route we took up Thompson's Track to the Kauritatahi Hut, with a detour on the second day to ZK-AYZ, a DC3 airliner that crashed in 1963.

Contains data sourced from Land Information New Zealand and Landcare Research under CC-By.
Latitudes and longitudes use the WGS84 datum.
Day 1
Elevation range 251m – 824m Total ascent 589m
Recorded distance 8.2km Total descent 74m
Points 169 Average grade 8%
Start -37.628267, 175.872360251m
End -37.665012, 175.861160766m
Latitudes and longitudes use the WGS84 datum.
Day 2
Elevation range 248m – 833m Total ascent 288m
Recorded distance 10.3km Total descent 793m
Points 209 Average grade 11%
Start -37.665193, 175.861150753m
End -37.627992, 175.872394248m


Latitudes and longitudes use the WGS84 datum.
CAMPST, GOOD CAMP SITE -37.652333 175.847833
End of Road, 12-FEB-05 10:22:19AM -37.628092 175.872328
Junction, 20-SEP-08 1:21:54PM -37.654716 175.849209
Kauritatahi Hut -37.665017 175.860901
NGATAMAHINERUA -37.661833 175.849567
North South Track, 21-SEP-08 11:15:14AM -37.647983 175.844639
PINK TREE, 12-FEB-05 3:58:19PM -37.661858 175.852624
Shortcut, 27-MAR-04 03:05 -37.650917 175.850000
ZK-AYZ, Plane Crash -37.664014 175.853277



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