Maungatautari Traverse

Maungatautari Scenic Reserve

  • 5 hr – 7 hr one way
  • Easy/medium

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A traverse of Mt Maungatautari which makes a great day trip and a chance to visit a reserve that has been completely enclosed by a mammal proof fence

onga onga • By moose. Licence: C.
Maungatautari Traverse: Key information
Walking time
1 day
5 hr – 7 hr
One way
One way
No bookings — open access
No — open access
Maungatautari Traverse: Find it
Hicks Rd
Styx Cafe
243m – 797m
Altitude change 554m
By arrangement with the Styx Cafe you can leave your car there and they will run you around to Hicks Rd for $10 a head.
waterfall • By moose. Licence: C.

From Hicks Rd the initial part of this trip climbs over farmland to the edge of the bush. From here you pass through the double gates that get you inside the pest proof enclosure.

The track begins to climb steadily through the bush and takes you straight to the summit which you arrive at in fairly short order. There is a trig station and a picnic table at the summit but no view, unless you climb the trig station.

The next portion of the track traverses through the old crater and is fairly undulating and it takes a couple of hours to get to the next peak, Pukeatua. This is well worth the visit because from here you can get a good view to the south and see Ruapehu and Taranaki on a good day.

The final part of the track initially drops steeply until you meet the new benched track that has been built up the south side of the mountain. This track is very easy and some may prefer to follow the old track down which crosses a rocky outcrop.

The new track is being extended to the summit of the mountain so will be there shortly.

Finally after comming out of the pest proof enclosure and out of the bush, it is a quick walk down Tari Rd and to the Styx Cafe for a well earned coffee.
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