The difference between a track and a route is?

The difference between a track and a route is?

My Aussie mate wanted to know the difference so to his delite I showed him for a couple of days. An overgrown track from Waiorongomai stream to the old North south track Kaimai Mamaku forest park



  • Haqii Haqii The North South Track through this part of the Kaimais has been re-marked by DOC. However, not re-cut. I am going to check it out sometime in Oct/November.
    29 August 2008
  • bigpaul bigpaul Well it started as a track. There were a couple of markers but time, neglect and the odd storm did the rest. Once you reach the old North south track or whats left of it there are some interesting routes down into the waitawheta. Some of which hang glider enthusiast would enjoy
    10 June 2007
  • matthew matthew So this was your example of a track? ;-)
    9 June 2007
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