GPS Location: NZTM E: 1416263.6075 N: 4984215.5824

This standard 6 bunk DoC hut was built by the North Otago branch of the NZDA. The documentation reveals the hut is now the property of DoC but the DA will maintain it. Members of the public are welcome to book the hut and some time in the future, there will be an online booking system for it. It's very hard to find information about the lodge online and what routes to take to get there so I'm writing this report to help fill an information deficit.
The Hut sits on a spur at the head of two tributaries of the Middle Branch of the Waianakarua River in the eponymously named reserve. To get there you drive up Mt  Misery Rd into Glencoe Station and follow the 4WD track past Red Hut to a DoC carpark near Pt 635. This final section of the track deviates from what is marked on the topomap.
From the carpark, you can get to the visible lodge either of 2 ways: Drop 285m down a well-marked and cut and attractive DoC track to the river, cross it and ascend 160m directly to the hut (going from the hut this way to the carpark took us 50m including two stops to meet physical needs), or follow DoC waratahs up the slope to meet the other 4WD track and follow this  to a final red-topped waratah then head to the top of the spur from where you can drop down to the lodge which sits in an open saddle.
There's virtually no ground trail and a lot of tussock on this route. Some of it is quite big and slidy which would be OK except there's the odd rock and steep section booby-trapping it. Going this way took us 1hr 15 minutes and I wasn't keen to retrace my steps, slogging it up through those tall tussocks. I think only hutbaggers come this way, not knowing about the DoC track as it's not signposted at the carpark F.F.S. Thanks, DoC.
Also once you're at the lodge, you can't see the big orange triangle indicating the route down to the stream to get back to the carpark until you're a bit down the route itself. I had a funny feeling there was a bush track and studied the hut book comments which verified this hunch. The route to the stream is well marked, once you spot that first big marker.
The lodge itself is very nice with solar lighting independently in the hut and the toilet which has a very attractive and impressive door. There's a meat safe which is the biggest I've seen, capable of accommodating a entire dead critter or two. Someone has constructed a bothy for dogs."Facilities on site include: a composting toilet, a wood burner, water tanks, solar power, meat safe and bench".
"Bookings are necessary and must be made by text to +64 27 634 6613. It is a 6-bunk standard DOC hut.
The lodge fees vary according to week day ($5 p.p., $2 for kids) to weekend $20, and in the roar $30 for the entire stay of 3-4 days p.p. "The Waianakarua block is split into six roar blocks with the inclusion of a seventh block to the south-east of the main reserve. Blocks are allocated through a ballot draw and are allocated for a three or four-day period. The balloted period is for the 20 March to 20 April." Apparently the feral sheep are delicious.