Mt Gibbs circuit from Fenella hut

  • 4 hr – 5 hr loop track
  • Medium

A nice day trip from Fenella hut up onto the tops. Can be incorporated into the walk out back to the car at the head of the Cobb reservoir.

Xenicus • By bernieq. Licence: cc by-nc-sa.
Mt Gibbs circuit from Fenella hut: Key information
Walking time
4 hr – 5 hr
Loop track
Loop track
No bookings — open access
No — open access
Mt Gibbs circuit from Fenella hut: Find it
Fenella Hut, Cobb Valley, Kahurangi NP.
Cobb hut or Fenella hut.
1,000m – 1,645m
Altitude change 645m

From Fenella Hut go via the tarn, which has a signpost at the hut, and along a low ridge beyond it. The Mt Gibbs track turns right off that ridge when you have almost finished passing Mt Xenicus, near Pt 1186. Not very obvious turnoff if I remember rightly. You drop down a short way, off the ridge, and then start climbing up Xenicus. The track traverses back north across the face of Xenicus (cairns) gradually going uphill, and then down a cut track into a tussock valley through dense, low bush. Follow that valley up to the top, which is Mt Gibbs. You will see Round Lake down below so follow the knife edge ridge, looking down to Island Lake, and then cut down to Round Lake outlet, cross the stream and pick up the obvious track down to Cobb Lake and around it. Follow track to Cobb Hut and back to Fenella. This circuit can be done on the way out by leaving your packs near Pt 1186 and diverting to pick them back up shortly after leaving Cobb Lake outlet. (Signposted junction)

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