We are adventurous

 Your adventure and mine might be different. There is no objective line that defines adventure, and we respect that.

Small tramper • By matthew. Licence: C.

We are self-reliant

Sometimes, everybody needs a helping hand. But we equip ourselves to handle any problem we might encounter. 

We stand for wilderness

The wilderness is not ours, but we love it, we play in it, we make it home, and we protect it.

We stand for conservation

 Biodiversity and wilderness walk hand in hand. We take care not to spread pests and diseases.

Didymo • By matthew. Licence: cc by-nc.

We are welcoming

We welcome new members, and new trampers of all ages and abilities. We share knowledge, and we help each other out.

We respect Māori beliefs, rights, and values

We acknowledge Māori wāhi tapu (sacred sites), cultural values, and place names. We respect Māori land claims, and the redress process under the Treaty of Waitangi / te Tiriti o Waitangi).

We respect land owners' rights

We communicate with land owners, follow their directions, and stay off their land when asked.

We respect other users

Hunters, mountain bikers, runners and others visit back country tracks and huts. We share the space with them.

We respect each other

We have different points of view, different abilities, different beliefs. We acknowledge, value, and respect that diversity as a part of any healthy community.