Compact down jacket for tramping

  • Thinking of buying a compact down jacket to take tramping during the winter, mainly to wear around camp or not doing heavy work. I already own a awesome down Jacket made by "Wear on Earth" but it is quite quite bulky and not waterproof. Probably could get a light weight waterproof "Wear on Earth" jacket, but was wondering if these any other good options on the market. Also still have not decided between a down jacket, or one which uses synthetic materials. A synthetic one would be easier to care for if it gets wet... Think a few of the Mont Bell jackets look interesting. Whats every bodies thoughts?
  • Macpac also have a couple of interesting jackets. Twilight Jacket Solstice Jacket
  • Personally, you cant beat some UK gear. Two companies spring to mind. Rab and Paramo. Both of these offer synthetic jackets, meaning that they're great when both wet and dry. Paramo gear is not typical waterproof stuff. It has up to 7 layers of material and actually works better when the outer layers are soaked. Go figure? Absolutely perfect for the highlands where weather can be extremely variable. I own the Rab Belay jacket. Its cut high at the front to allow the use of a climbing harness, has a detachable hood, is fairly waterproof, but thanks to being synthetic stays warm even when soaking. Both pack down to nothing. Did I say that the customer service rocks too? When I tore my rab jacket, they sent me a brand new one f-o-c all the way here.
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