Guided walks on South Island this Winter?

  • Hi, I am visiting a friend in Nelson during June/July and would like to go off on at least one decent hike - preferably over three days. I am struggling to find one that is running and within a sensible budget - can anyone offer help or advice? I won't have a tent with me, so would need a route that takes in huts (or provides a tent) and would like to walk with a small group, rather than on my own. Thanks in advance, Denise x
  • Try the Abel Tasman.
  • I'm not sure where you're from Denise, but if you have a little experience and are sensible enough to find out from locals about weather, conditions etc before you go, I think the cost of a guided trip would be quite unnecessary. Instead plan your own independent trip and look on this website or others for some buddies to go with. Also, if you go somewhere popular like the Abel Tasman you may well run into individuals or groups on the track who you can team up with. There are heaps of options in the Nelson area but Abel Tasman coast or Inland track, or Heaphy track, are pretty weather-proof in winter (once you reach the track - the fords on the way to the start of the Heaphy often cause trouble). Good luck!
  • When i visited the Abel Tasman, on the way to Bark Bay, there were at least a dozen people every hour passing me going the other way. It is that popular that i can't imagine you not meeting someone. The inland route revealed no-one for five hours.
  • Hi Denise, I too am visitng N.Z for July/Aug 09 and am keen to hook up with anyone for trampingthe routes. Although this is my first time to NZ, I have experience of hiking in the UK & Europe, with (some) winter climbing experience. I am keen to walk and stay in the huts. If you or anyone else is keen to hook up it would be great to hear from you. Sara
  • >I won't have a tent with me, so would need a route that takes in huts (or provides a tent) Re the above: I want to emphasize that everyone needs to carry sufficient gear to ensure survival (in case there is an accident or medical incident) for enough time until you are found by the Search and Rescue people. It doesn't have to be too heavy. We carry a 1.6 kg 2 wall tent or a 920 g single pole fly depending on the conditions.
  • Hi everyone, I'm on annual leave from the 24th of July till the 3rd of August inclusive. I'd love to do the abel tasman or heaphy if anyone is up for it? Val
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