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  • Hi everybody, This month I have been exploring the concept of "interestingness." I can look at something and decide easily if it's interesting, but how does a computer do it? Perhaps it can watch the humans. If something is getting more and more attention, it is interesting. If something new is posted by somebody with a good reputation, it is interesting. The specifics of the formula (and definitions of words like "reputation") will change as I continue to tweak things. But that's the idea. Interestingness is being used to prioritise content throughout the site. Topic pages have been rearranged. The daily feature photograph is now on the Photographs page; tracks you have walked and huts you have visited are now listed on the Tracks and Huts pages. When you click the "More" buttons, you get listings arranged by interestingness, with a handy link at the top to find the newest content. The menu has been tidied up -- unnecessary duplicate links have been removed to reduce visual clutter. A new "You" page is designed to present useful information to you rather than being a page about you. This page will evolve in future. I hope you like the changes. Matthew.
  • I have managed to add a new photo and a GPX file but I am getting an error when I try to add a hut.
  • Matthew - you've probably noticed already but the heading row is repeated twice since your update: Home : Starting Out : ... : Add : Home : Staring Out : ...
  • Thanks. I'll check both those issues out.
  • Matthew: You seem to have removed the change log from the menu, it used to be alonside Newly Added. I liked that because you could pick up new comments on photos there
  • All these changes are there to help those of us most likely to sink into dementia exercise or brains right? Each time I think I've worked it out i have to start over. Like the photo on the home page by the way. Im with Peter on the comments on photos.
  • Love the new home page pic!
  • Adding huts should now be working. Sorry about that. The menu duplication issue seems to be resolved. Yes, the change log has been removed from the menu. It is in the left margin of the "Newly added" and "Explore" pages (as "Updates"). The full page still exists at http://tramper.co.nz/?view=changeLog and there is an RSS feed as well. Note that you can find updates specific to photographs on the "Photographs" page, and you can find updates specific to you at http://tramper.co.nz/?view=log . Is that adequate?
  • If you miss something from the menu and really feel it should be there, let me know. I'm only guessing what's useful. That's two votes for the change log to be brought back, right? Glad you like the pic. :-)
  • Found it, Thanks
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