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  • Have you been wondering what Madpom has been up to for the last week or so? See NZ Hearald Today for details I hope we get Madpom's story soon. All the best Mad, and I hope you and your dog are up and about back in the hills soon. Link:
  • It just about put me off my cornflakes seeing that picture on the front page of the Herald this morning. Yes, I wish madpom a speedy recovery and back to tramping form. But by the looks of it he was never out of form anyway.
  • More details on and
  • Oooh, I read that this morning and wondered if it may have been anyone on this site. Glad to hear (with exception to the obvious injuries) that he is alright. Speedy recovery!
  • Wishing Madpom all the best and a full recovery. Surviving 8 days and taking 2 days to crawl 3km to a hut with serious injuries shows immense fortitude. It would be good to hear his story, particularly as the press sometimes don't have the firmest grasp of the facts from both sides of the story (Arthurs Pass trampers request a helicopter story)
  • Just read in the ODT story that Madpom lost his emergency locater beacon during the fall. Damn. Having one available to use AFTER the accident would have saved days of grief. That's going make me reconsider how and where I pack/carry my emergency gear, especially when tramping alone in remote country.
  • New article up on the Stuff website with an interview with Madpom.
  • Good grief, he is even uglier looking close up! I see he was in the Douglas Glacier area. I have heard what it is like in there, glacier recession means that the mountains are crumbling all around you so it is quite unstable country. He's a brave man to be in there alone.
  • He is on Campbell Live(Channel 3 ) tonite Be sure to tune your t.v's to 3 at 7!
  • hah i just saw the news and i wondered if it was him so i came here to check. and apparently it is! but it explains why he hasnt replied my mail enquirer bout track information! talk about ways to get out of things... :P sucks the kumara to loose the beacon when you need it tho!
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