Whirinaki Forest Park

  • Has anyone been in Whirinaki since the big wind a few weeks back? I have just got myself a few weeks off and thought I might spend 5 days in there. DOC website says numerous windfalls but an email from Murupara DOC says the badly hit area mostly Minganui and River Road. Said windfalls in rest of park can be easily enough climbed over/around. I am feeling a little cautious as climbing over 'numerous windfalls' doesn't appeal. I haven't been over from Upper Te Hoe to Central Te Hoe for some years - must be close to 20 - I believe this bit is much improved?
  • My daughter is doing the Central Whirinaki - Mangamate circut at this very moment. I will get a report from her when she comes out tomorrow.
  • Thanks - what a glorius couple of days wx for her!
  • Just heard from my daughter. There were frequent windfalls but they didn't have too much trouble getting around them. They had no trouble and had an enjoyable trip. As for the section between Central and Upper Te Hoe. A lot of work was done on this a few years back with very high standard, benched tracks from both ends, but they never completed it. An hour or so in the middle was never improved. However not much maintenance has been done since then either and last time I was on it the new benched sections had become quite overgrown with undergrowth, but that was a few years back and I am sure some would have walked it with a brush bar since. I gather the worst bit is just above Central Te Hoe where a bluff section has eroded and is a lot narrower than planned. I hear people mention a scarry bit, but I don't recall it being that bad.
  • Thanks for info. I will pop in there for a few days and check the body parts are still in working order. Keep my fingers crossed that this weather stays around and try for some tops further south.
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