Trekking In Nepal Himalaya

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  • Why am I not surprised at yet another totally inane response, another non it perhaps that you have no genuine arguement to advance, after all reading your replies so far there isn't even the vestige of a reasonably argued stance upon which you have based your replies, only self opinion and ludicrous one off random nonsense. I suggest therfeore that this trite reply and counter "reply" (and in your case I use the term losley)thread hogging exercise cone to an abrupt end. There is no point in arguing with someone who obviously has no wish to add to the debate, but who merely wishes to entertain some sort of ongoing points scoring competition. I for one can see no benifit for either side to continue in this trivial vain.
  • Does that mean I win?
  • Chuzz and Norm - get a room - this thread getting a bit silly - lol :) Oh no i just contributed to the sillyness - apologies in advance -
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