McKinnon Track Ruahines

  • Im thinking for Easter of going to McKinnon,Crow and maybe Wakelings huts.Has anyone been up the McKinnon track lately?I heard a rumour that its not in very good condition.Cheers for any info.
  • Do you mean the track along the top to McKinnon, or the track down to the Kawhatau River? I went along the top a couple of years back and it seemed okay, but was under a layer of snow. I haven't beyond McKinnon to the north, though. That was this one: The track down to Crow Hut from 1471 was very steep and slippery (it was raining and snowing), but nothing too out of the ordinary for the area. We didn't get as far as Wakelings.
  • Well i presume the bad part was below the treeline and this recent storm wont have helped but ive been on some bad tracks recently(the Burn Hut track was a shocker)so you just get on with it really.Ive been up to Mangaweka and along to Hikurangi and that was good travel so it all be good.Thanks izogi for the info.
  • Oh, if you're planning to come in from Kawhatau Base then that 900 metre climb straight up from the carpark is also very steep and it doesn't really level off much until the top, but probably no more steep than previously if you've been there in the past. I do remember (2 years ago) seeing some token efforts at steps near the base that hadn't survived well, so if that was new when you were there last then it may have degraded. There's plenty to hold on to, though.
  • I havent been up from Kawhatau base before but im well used to steep Tararua climbs like Concertina knob,Cattle ridge etc. so i'll be ok.We went along from Mangaweka north as a day trip from Purity in stunning weather so some more of that is in order.
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