Dusky Track

  • Has anyone done the Dusky in late April? Its the only time friends and I are going to have enough time off work to try . . obviously it'll be completely weather dependant . .
  • Hi i'm also looking at the dusky for mid/end of April. Still not sure if it's a good idea to go that late. but couldn't find sth yet.
  • usually dont get big snow dumps in april, can get calm autumn weather then.... the worst winter storms usually dont start till may at least, some years later.
  • yeah i did the milford track in early may last year and we had nice weather : )
  • Hi all, Considering doing the Dusky Track in Jan / Feb next year; just want to get a bit more of a feel for it. Wife and I have done most of the great walks - but these hardly count as relevant experience given what I'm reading. We have done the North West Circuit - is that beginning to approach the Dusky in terms of remoteness / difficulty / mud / general treachery?! Don't want to get in over our heads, but want to have a great tramping trip. Loved the NWC, and the people you meet are certainly different from the Great Walkers. Cheers
  • dusky has the added factors of steep climbs and descents from the passes , and in heavy rain parts of the track are impassable requiring you to wait until the rivers drop.. one person advised, if its good weather go for as long as you can to take advantage of it.
  • The mud on NW circuit is not a bad representation of what you'll encounter on the Dusky, the Dusky is worse but the NW is the closest Ive encountered to it. The Dusky has some very steep terrain and as Waynowski says you are much more likely to get flooded in. Stay an extra night at Lake Roe if you can, magical place.
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