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  • Hey Folks, Winter is approaching and I don't trust my North Face Cats Meow anymore. I am in the search for a Leightweight Down Sleeping Bag, which I could easily use between autumn and spring. Subalpine Terrain where the temperature might go sub-zero, no alpine snow mountaineering as I have no experience with crampons and axe(yet). A bag under 1.0kg, great hood, easy compressible and a temperature rating down to a comfort zone around 0 till -3. I also don't mind wearing some clothes to warm me up in a sleeping bag. I considered Montbells Hugger#3, Mountaindesign Ultr500. Can someone recommend a good one for me? Any help greatly appreciated. I am looking now for ages and find it all very difficult. Thanks
  • the conditions you describe are about what i walk in during those seasons i have a one planet bag that fits your discription and works really well for me
  • I have a Lafuma Pro 650 Sleeping Bag, which is amazingly small and light, and extremely warm. Might be worth taking a look. Can be a problem finding them, but well worth the effort if you can.
  • My suggestion is to shop around and look for the best sleeping bag that you can afford. When you have done that, put it back on the shelf and buy a warmer one. Winter nights in NZ get cold and it is horrible if you aren't warm enough at night. A good well looked after sleeping bag will last you 20 years so price should not be a major factor in your purchasing decision.
  • Thanks BP, what one planet bag have you got? Cannot find a shop in Wellington, selling One Planets and somehow I don't want to buy to cat in the sack:) RR are selling the ME Glacier 500 for bout $300. Thats sooooo difficult. Huge differences in price too. And if I take a bag thats too warm I sweat at night and sweat carrying more weight. Help!
  • I reckon go for at least 700g down. I have a friend who gets cold in a 900g bag. Also look for the modern fabrics like "Epic" which are specifically designed to wick moisture away from your body, that way keeping the down dry.
  • I own a Fairydown Superlite, it is rated down to around 0. At these temperatures, used with a Exped Downmat 9 I really need to wear one thermal layer to be comfortable. I really only consider it a Spring to Autumn bag. Its not warm enough for outdoors during the winter. Fairydown Superlite. Fabric: Pertex Quantum fill weight 440g loft 800 total weight. 0.83 kg Lower comfort limit -1 / Extreme -11 I also beleive it is no longer made. Macpac has replaced it with this bag MacPax Express 400XL Fabric: 20d FeatherLite ripstop Nylon Fill weight: 440gms Fill power : 800+ Loft Weight: 0.82kg RRP $659.95, but being a macpac could probably get it for around $400 if you wait until they have a sale (which seems like every 2nd week).
  • The ME Down Glacier uses lower loft down (650 vs 800) which explains the cheaper price. Its about 400g heavier then the Macpac express for simialar warmth rating..
  • I go for the multi layer approach. Sleeping bag liner layer 1, something around 600 gm's of down as layer 2, and then an outer of about the same with a shower proof lining. More expensive but you can take just as much as you need. Summer, just take the liner and outer and sleep under the stars. In a hut with a fire, just use the liner, up in the snow in a tent then take the works
  • So true! Great piece of advice. Thanks. I also don't mind wearing a beanie and my down vest for the night, which I carry with me anyway in colder temperatures.
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