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  • Hi all, found this wonderful website. It seems so very helpful, I hope you all can give me some guidance and help me choose. I know it all comes to down to whatever I'd prefer, but NZ hikes are so wonderful it is too hard to choose! Being a typical American, I have around 15 days to travel after arrive to Auckland. I have already spent 3 weeks in the south island before and did the Routeburn and some other small day hikes. I wanted to return and see the north island some and also do the Milford - however the Milford is all full for the days we are going. So - here is my problem. 1. We'd like to do the Tongorio (either circuit or crossing) and another hike or two depending on the timing. Is the crossing simply the best of the circuit or does the circuit give you a lot of great views you don't get on the crossing? 2. What other hike or two (depending on answer to 1.) should we do? We are considering the Heaphy and/or Ball's pass. Another board suggested the Q. Charlotte. Anyone on here care to comment on which is better? Thank you all for your help!
  • The Queen Charlotte is a long walk and a little bit dull in my opinion. Great if you have a bike or have time or want luxury. If you're pressed for time I'd skip it. The Tongariro Crossing is definitely some of the best, but it doesn't take you to all the good spots or give you a sense of isolation (it's very busy). Well worth doing. The circuit gives you a more intimate experience. Heaphy is nice and very different from the Routeburn, as is Abel Tasman. You could also consider a couple of shorter ones on the West Coast, e.g. Welcome Flat (hot pools) and Inland Pack Track/Fox River (karst gorges). These would be good value in terms of time. Ball Pass would be spectacular if you are experienced enough to do it. Considered a guided option on this? Rees/Dart is good, and takes you past a glacier. Hope that helps some :-) Matthew
  • Thanks for the opinions, Matthew. :) I would like to get away from the crowds if at all possible, so maybe the T circuit would be better than the crossing. I am going to look up the other hikes you mentioned and see if they are a good fit for our short schedule. If we did do Ball's Pass we would do guided because though I'm an experienced hiker, I'm not experienced with an ice axe or crampons!
  • Hi there Suzi... Yeah, I love the NZ Tramper website too. Hey, I am doing some serious tramping for 6 weeks across the summer, Dec-January, but have not yet finalised anything. Also on the lookout for some companions too. Cheers... The Ledge, VICTORY > NELSON SOUTH ISLAND DOWN UNDER
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