Kahurangi National Park

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New Zealand's second largest, and youngest national park, dating from 1996. A large area of land at the top of the South Island with some easier and some more challenging walking along lengthy tracks. Home to the most diverse flora of any national park and a diverse array of landforms, including the famous peneplain remnants. The Tasman Wilderness Area is located here. Highest point: 1875m (Mt Owen).

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Wangapeka Track

Track Wangapeka Track

A Long gold trail following four rivers through a forested, earthquake-scarred landscape.   More ▶
Heaphy Track

Track Heaphy Track

A classic crossing of the geologically and biologically diverse northwest corner of the South Island. The track is also open to mountain bikes May to September.   More ▶
Tablelands Circuit

Track Tablelands Circuit

Joins onto Leslie-Karamea Track.   More ▶
Mt Arthur

Track Mt Arthur

Straightforward climb to the summit of Mt Arthur (1795m) on the Arthur Range.   More ▶

Track Lodestone

A track leading to the summit of Lodestone, a peak north of the popular Mt Arthur. The easiest route follows the 4WD track from the Flora carpark to Flora Hut. Here the track to Lodestone turns north and immediately starts ...   More ▶
Thousand Acres Plateau

Track Thousand Acres Plateau

Explore a cliff-edged tussock plateau near Murchison.   More ▶
Matiri Valley to Wangapeka Saddle

Track Matiri Valley to Wangapeka Saddle

An interesting cross country trip in Kahurangi National Park involving a stretch of unmarked ridge travel   More ▶
Wilkinson Track

Track Wilkinson Track

Cleared by DoC in November 2011, the lower third of the track is now easily climbed. Above this, the track climbs its way through mixed forest and is easily negotiated.   More ▶

Track Kaituna Track

Packhorse route into the Kaituna Goldfield, and beyond to the scenic Whanganui Inlet. Most walkers turn back at Kaituna Forks.   More ▶
Kahurangi Point

Track Kahurangi Point

Unmarked beach route to the old lighthouse keeper's hut.   More ▶
Lake Peel

Track Lake Peel

Pleasant walk to an alpine lake in the Cobb Valley.   More ▶

Track Cloustons Mine Track

Leading from the Salisbury Track on Flora Stream up past Cloustons Mine to Gordons Pyramid (1489m).   More ▶
Flora Hut Walk

Track Flora Hut Walk

Easy walk over Flora Saddle to Flora Hut. This is a good family walk, but the hut is basic. There is ample space for camping.   More ▶

Track Asbestos Track

A gently graded mine road climbing to an asbestos mine and 1890s cottage.   More ▶
Mt Arthur Hut

Track Mt Arthur Hut

Easy loop to a hut at the bushline of the Arthur Range.   More ▶
Blue Creek Track

Track Blue Creek Track

This short walk sets off from the site of a gold mining town, exploring mining relics and a river resurgence.   More ▶

Place Tasman Wilderness Area

Region of undeveloped remote wilderness in Kahurangi National Park, stretching from the Garibaldi Ridge to the Heaphy River.   More ▶
Blue duck / whio

Photograph Blue duck / whio

The blue duck is an uncommon duck found on swiftly flowing rivers only in New Zealand. This one was swimming near Stone Hut on the Wangapeka Track.   More ▶
Cobb Hut

Photograph Cobb Hut

Just a quick stop here because the newer Fenella Hut is a few hundred metres up the track   More ▶
Lonely Lake Hut

Photograph Lonely Lake Hut

We didn't stay here because there are plenty of campsites nearby   More ▶
Anatoki Forks Hut

Photograph Anatoki Forks Hut

In a little clearing near the Anatoki Forks. This makes an ideal refuge from stormy weather   More ▶
Anatoki Forks Hut

Photograph Anatoki Forks Hut

Situated in a clearing, this is a nice sunny place to dry out gear after a storm   More ▶
Mt Arthur Hut

Photograph Mt Arthur Hut

A popular rest point on the way to climb Mt Arthur. Some people here are actually staying the night at the hut. Amongst this lot somewhere is radio personality Kim Hill and we met National Party MP Nick Smith comming ...   More ▶
Poor Pete's Hut

Photograph Poor Pete's Hut

Slightly delapidated but not in a pretty way, Poor Pete's Hut is in a good location, overlooking the Thousand Acres Plateau with Mount Owen in the distance.   More ▶
Larrikin Creek Hut

Photograph Larrikin Creek Hut

A tidy DOC hut beneath the Haystack.   More ▶
Larrikin Creek Hut

Photograph Larrikin Creek Hut

A small but tidy hut near the Hundred Acres Plateau.   More ▶
Lake Matiri Hut

Photograph Lake Matiri Hut

8-bunker perched on a steep bank with great view over tranquil lake.   More ▶
Reflections on Lake Matiri

Photograph Reflections on Lake Matiri

Photographed from river flats about 20 mins from the hut. When the wind has died down, reflections are possible, in more ways than one.   More ▶
Lake Matiri

Photograph Lake Matiri

Lake Matiri Hut is just visible to the right in the forest.   More ▶
Lake Matiri Hut

Photograph Lake Matiri Hut

Watch out for wasps at this hut! Much more nuisance than sandflies.   More ▶
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