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Mount Tauhara

Mount Tauhara is a dormant volcano on the edge of the Taupo caldera (Lake Taupo) and overlooks Taupo town. Tauhara volcano is thought to have last erupted about 65,000 years ago. Eruptions that built the volcano probably involved the relatively peaceful extrusion of dacite lava compared to the highly explosive 182AD Taupo eruption. The top of Tauhara volcano appears to be covered by a thick mantle of rhyolite pumice, I suspect derived from the Taupo eruption. The path near the top is deeply eroded into this pumice layer. The walk up is relatively easy and a return journey can be made in about two hours. The reward for the climb up this 1088m peak is the spectacular 360 degree view of the central plateau!

Latitudes and longitudes use the WGS84 datum.
Elevation range 593m – 1,095m Total ascent 558m
Recorded distance 3.3km Total descent 74m
Points 373 Average grade 19.40%
Start 38.704854 S, 176.140241 E596m
End 38.695233 S, 176.162099 E1,080m


Latitudes and longitudes use the WGS84 datum.
DescriptionLatitude (°)Longitide (°)
Deeply eroded path, 30-DEC-09 11:57:44AM 38.695251 S 176.158618 E
Farmland path, 30-DEC-09 11:32:19AM 38.702177 S 176.141872 E
Tauhara bush track, 30-DEC-09 11:49:11AM 38.697732 S 176.151238 E
Trig Point view of volcanoes, 30-DEC-09 12:08:59PM 38.694054 S 176.163225 E
View of Taupo town, 30-DEC-09 12:11:41PM 38.695225 S 176.162101 E
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